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We are not your typical Permit Agent, we actually prepare your entire Permit Package and we also, offer expediting Services too. We can file your permitting packages in accordance with each municipality's requirements. We work closely with the Cities to ensure that all permits are acquired and all inspections are performed, (if requested), in a timely manner.

Most municipalities require more or less the same type of information to issue a permit for replacing windows and doors. A Typical example of the requirements in order to process and obtain an approved Building permit for replacing windows and doors are as follows:

  • Two copies of the Wind-load calculations. You have to provide us with your window sizes, if the structure is less than 30��� feet, single family home or duplex, we can do your Windloads for you, a signed and sealed sketch is required ONLY for Structures over 30 feet. Any jobs over 30 feet require Structural Engineering, we use Bromley Cook Engineering, or an Engineer of your choice.

  • Permit Application for the applicable City with all required signatures, Notice of Commencement, with required signature, (See fees for NOC expediting), your Contractor's License, Proof of your Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance, naming the City as the Holder. You have to be registered with the City you're doing the job in.

  • Two copies of each individual Miami-Dade or Florida Building Code Product Control Approvals, with all the required highlighting, some cities now offer Electronic filing so only 1 may be required, depending on the City.

  • The contractor will have to provide a full floor plan of the unit location, in the building and label rooms and show details such as, Zone 5s, if restrictors are required, locations of balconies, width of catwalks, if Swing-out Doors, Fire Escapes and Elevations, if necessary, the same information provided to an Engineer. All drawing are done in Power Point, if you have a Business Logo, please forward it to us.

  • In some cases, if there is a Homeowner's Assn., an HOA letter may be required by your municipality. Have your customer check with their Association.

  • If the windows and/or doors opening are to be altered, (even if the structure is less than 30 feet), then you will have to hire a Licensed General Contractor, and a Structural Engineer, to supply signed and sealed drawings. (Again an HOA letter will be required for any Structural changes.)

  • Your permit will be submitted to the City, we will track the process, and a Permit tracking number will be provided to you.

  • We will communicate all activity and assist you in resolving any corrections or revisions that may be needed.

  • The Permit Runner will deliver your Approved permit.

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