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As a contractor, what documents are required to register with the city?
If you become a client of the permit runner, for your convenience, we can take care of your City Registration, for you. Contractors are required to have updated proof of the following: the qualifier's driver's license, an occupational license or business tax receipt, state certification or state registration, along with the Broward County Certificate of Competency and certificates of insurance or exemption.

The certificates of insurance or exemption must show the applicable City, as the Certificate Holder. The city charges may vary, so we can check with your City. Contractor’s registration fees are due every year.
Can I apply for an Owner-Builder Permit?
Yes, as long as you own a one-family or two-family residence, and the residence is used for your own use or occupancy. You cannot sell your house or duplex for one year after having a final inspection on any Owner builder permit.

Additional restrictions may apply. Please review F.S. 489.103(b) (7) for additional information.
Can I make changes to my permit, after it has been issued?
Yes, for your convenience, the permit runner can take care of this, for you as well. See fees page, and The city will charge for the plan review process for all related disciplines plus expediting fees.
Can I replace my screen Enclosure with impact windows and doors?
No, installation of impact windows & or doors, will result in an addition to the living space and will be considered as an addition and will have to comply with the requirements of an addition. You will now have to consider having to now get a Mechanical Engineer acquire A/C calculations too, for your A/C, and there now has to be Electrical in your new space, as well. Inquire with companies such as: http://vicowindowsinc.com/ .
Do I need approval from my Homeowner's Association (HOA)?
It is recommended that you check with your Homeowner's Association. If you do need an HOA Approval, let The Permit Runner’s experts take care of all that for. We are very familiar with the typical requirements of Home Owners Associations and able to handle any additional requirements, if they occur.
Do I need a permit to replace my screen enclosure?
Yes, a permit is required with proper drawings and details. Only a repair of the screen- fabric is allowed without a permit. Any metal repair or replacement of screens with Windows, require a building Permit and Structural Engineering, A/C Calculations, and additional Electrical will be needed as well.
Do my plans need to be signed and sealed by an Architect / Engineer?
Yes. In most cases plans are required to have the Engineer's or Architect's Signature and Seal; however, if you live in a Single Family home or Duplex, less than 30’ feet, an Engineer or Architect is NOT required. This will be significant Savings for you and not to mention, your valuable, precious time. The Permit Runner, can do all of the necessary paperwork to obtain an Approved Permit, (starting as low as $49.99 for Permit Preparation or Expediting your permit) from your Applicable City.
Does my Building Permit expire?
Permits expire if work is not commenced within 180 days or if abandoned for a period of 90 days. When a permit expires the permit holder is to submit the expired permit form and pay a fee to reactivate the permit. We can take care of this for you.
How do I apply for a permit?
You can apply for a building permit by submitting a Building Permit application along with all of the required documentation, (see requirements on our Website: thepermitrunner.com), at your local Building Dept. Don’t forget, you also have to record a Notice of Commencement, if your job is over $2500.00. You can either apply in person at your Building Dept. or some Building Depts. now offer Electronic filing. When the permit runner, does your entire permit package, the only thing you have to do is the application and the NOC signatures and we take care of the rest, including notarizing signatures with identification.
How do I know if my contractor obtained a Building Permit?
An official permit card is issued by the City’s Building Department. The permit card and attached documents are available and accessible (outside the property) to the inspector during all inspections.
How do I make changes to my permit while it is still under review?
Submit any changes to the applicable City and discipline, with two sets of revisions and all the supporting documents. If any corrections are required before the permit is issued, the permit runner’s, first correction, will be Always be FREE, with us.
How long will it take to issue my permit?
Depending on the City, some Cities have Walk-Thru permit days, as well. Depends on how busy a City might be sometimes, some cities could be 3 – 5 days, others could be up to 3-4 weeks. See City Links on our Website: thepermitrunner.com. The Code allows a period of 15 working days to provide a written answer, either by approving or denying an application. This period does not include review time for Planning and Zoning, Engineering, Fire Department. Thepermitrunner, will expeditiously submit your permit package, track daily, (you will be given your Permit tracking number) address any issues, and will have an approved Building Permit, as quickly as the Building Dept. will allow us.
How many copies are required?
All documents are required to be submitted in duplicate, unless filing electronically. After review and approval one copy shall be retained and one copy returned to the applicant or you can print it out from the City’s Website. Some cities are now electronic filing, see prices @ info@thepermitrunner.com.
What signatures are required on my application?
Owners and contractor's notarized signatures are required on the application. We offer Notary Services, always Free, to clients taking advantage of our Entire Permit Packages, Prep. & Expediting. SAVE $$$$, WHEN YOU DO BOTH.
When do I need to get a Building Permit?
You need a Building Permit to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, remove, or demolish any building or any part of a structure and if the work entailed changes the occupancy.
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