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Customer Satisfaction is The Permit Runner, #1 Priority! Providing you with an Efficient, Money Saving, Genuine, Permitting Service. Making the Permitting process a breeze for you every day, with hopes of developing a long lasting Business relationship for years to come!

With 20 years of experience working with Leading Window/Door Contractors here in Broward County, such as, processing all of the required permits and much more. We have extensive, experience working directly with Manufacturers, also, great relationships have been developed with Building Department Professionals, Building Inspectors, and Plans Reviewers, we consider ourselves a Professional team and we understand the concerns, needs and expectations of our customers.

Are you a Homeowner?

We understand that it's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of available information concerning all the window and door options, as well having to think about pulling your own Building Permit too. Well, you can rely on our expertise, with a proven track record of pulling 1000s of Window/Door permits over the years, we will take all of your worries away, you just provide us with the details and we'll do the rest for you and provide you with your Approved Window/Door Permit.

The Florida Building Code stipulates that building permits are required for window and door replacement / installation. Working without a permit is illegal and can result in fines and repercussions when trying to sell your home. Another advantage of pulling a Building Permit is, you will get a discount on your Homeowners Insurance now. Only a licensed contractor or homeowner (acting as an owner-builder) is able to obtain a permit to perform the work.

Are you a contractor?

Are you too busy to do your own permits or do you need assistance doing them. The Permit Runner can accommodate, whatever your circumstance may be. Do you have jobs, Residential or Commercial, that the structure is less than 30 feet? Why go to a Structural Engineer and spend Hundreds of dollars, when you don't have to. The Permit Runner will do them for you. Our rates are extremely competitive, so take advantage. Go ahead and check out our fees and considering all the extra time you now have to work on projects and leads, you'll be thankful theres a service like The Permit Runner out here.

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